Friday, October 1, 2010

Just dropin some wallpapers, cause i had not much time this week so i haven´t thought about some n1 blog posts for now but i think the walls will be to your likeing

Monday, September 27, 2010

 Droppin for u guys and guls 3 random anime wallpaperz.

And here we have some other vids u will most likely enjoy.
First one is the perfect internet video!!!
perfect0rz  <<---  vidz here
 The second is some awesome street artist from croatia called "cigo man band" i found and i think he is pretty awesome > clickme faggot <!

The last but not least is the most amazing Code Geass AMV i have ever seen:
Code Geass Synchronize

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One of the best Ad's out there - or at least thats how i see it. Its not new for some of you but for those who don't know it ... WATCH!
The little aggro panda has some serious problems but at least as a doorman he could be quiet good!
And always remember:
Never say no to a Panda or it will get mad!

  1. Never Say No to Panda - The kitchen
  2. Never Say No to Panda - Hospital 
  3. Never Say No to Panda - OFFICE
  4. Never Say No to Panda - Supermaket 1
  5. Never Say No to Panda - Supermaket 2

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Google it.
Buy game!

'nuf said

RE Afterlife

The new RE is kinda dissapointing for my expectations.
It looks like a mix between Matrix and Star Wars The Clone Wars...
I mean come on 300 Alice storm some high tech underground Labatory and are all Matrix like.

Watch it if u are a fan of RE then its surely not bad - but if u aren't the big fan, in my opinion - safe your money - boring lame and copypasta! More of a "we need more money" than "letz make a fuckin epic movie" film thats not even close to the first one.
You think the same ?
Or you liked it ?


Sooo u think you saw everything, huh ?
But did u see Two Camels in a Tiny car - i dont think so


and if you do, well, its ok with me.
But srsly im kinda a big fan of Anime, Movies, Games and stuff
so i will be postin here all kind of funny, interesting and random stuff.
Enjoy your stay - comment if u liked it